Rhea Sylvia

by Thou

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Ethan Bullard
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Ethan Bullard From the grungier side of Thou. Still crushes as usual! Excellent feel to this one. Noice. Favorite track: The Only Law.
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Justinuff Wandering down a neglected church isle, along a forgotten pew, laying on the cold hardwood, covered in dust and webs sits the manifest for the ides of grunge. The lost art of brutal beauty and the keeper of your brothers shadow. Thou shall not stray from the path for Thou is the path!!
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MZTN 『Inconsolable』によって抽出された彼らの中にある精神的な深みへとリーチしていこうとする表現が、激しいドゥーム/スラッジサウンドの中に表現されたこの作品ではこれまで以上に美しさがある。作品によって自身を更新し続けている驚異のバンド。 Favorite track: Deepest Sun.
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The Only Law 04:43
A simple choice made the angels fall, a simple lie now believed by all. The sky is blue when the sun is shining, but by the light of the moon, the truth ain't hiding. As the child I'm the son of man. As the mother, clothed in the sun I am. Sanctuary for the weary soul. The life giving word that no one knows. Man is the god of earth, the answer to every question. Given to generation and birth by a God who is the man of heaven. Once there was a sun above. The only law we knew was love. Once there was a moon to glow. Once there was a way to know.
Unfortunate times have descended upon us, like wave after wave of the tide. A constant reminder that on the horizon is a fate from which we may not hide. Curving rays of once straight light. Ending reign of once dark night. Unfortunate times have descended upon us, like rays, endless rays of sunlight. It's a song that is ending, a branch that is bending from the weight and the age of its design. Curving rays of once straight light. Ending reign of once dark night. I'm alone right now, and the feelings gone. It's a curse to know when you're moving on.
Non-Entity 03:50
In the fields of self adulation, ranged in gloom'ed array, it speaks in ten thousand thunders, an emptiness rent from the wound. So shrill is the trumpet to announce solitary array. It croaks its incessant wail, an emptiness rent from the wound. In the fields of self adulation, the ache of false hope takes shape. It whispers ten thousand thunders, lamenting in dismal woe. Amidst all the trembles and groans, senses and will lose shape. I croak an incessant wail, lamenting in dismal woe. Oh shadow of horror is risen. It forms this abominable void. It's birthed in the temple of draughts. It fashions these walls. Oh, cold silent horror on desolate mountain roams. In shriveling isolation, I fashion these walls.
Deepest Sun 03:50
There's a sentence. There's a syllable. A point of reference, the ineffable. What man can say no to the weight of the soul while rising? There's a balance unachieved. There's a prophet unbelieved. What man can say no to the weight of the soul while rising? One day when the rain falls hard, one day when the wind blows sharp, once in the deepest moon, we will find you. One breath of deepest sun, disguised in everyone, once sin is reflecting truth, we will find you.
Restless river of the heart, ever flowing, ever dark. Moving well without will. Never stopping never still. In this state of memory, we wait. In this cage of melody, we wait. Line after line, we hesitate. Dream after dream, re-awake. There's a reason for the river to change its course, to be dissolved and absorbed in its source. Like the unignited Fire awaits its fuel, so does death wait for you.
Lasting Dose 05:43


Like the flame that burns the candle, the candle feeds the flame.

The third and final EP in advance of the Magus "full length."


released July 27, 2018

Additional vocals by Emily McWilliams. Recorded in 2017 at Hightower Studios by James Whitten. Mastered by Adam Tucker. Released on vinyl by Deathwish Inc. and on compact disc by Gilead Media.


all rights reserved



Thou Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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