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The memories of revolution disappear as the wind shifts. But a mighty, reckless, shameless, conscienceless, proud crime--it rumbles in distant thunder. And do you not see how the sky grows presciently silent and dark? Propaganda must be by deed: insurrection, assassination, bombing. Resignation is death. Revolt is life. I will never willingly wear the chains of your sacred concepts: Natural Law, Common Humanity, Reason, Justice, The People. There is no hope in conditioned morality. I deny everything and affirm only myself. We can all enter this bitter class struggle. We are all ordinary workers, natives. We must rise in revolt if we will rise in this world. Resignation is death. Revolt is life.
These open hands that once would have offered forgiveness and even rehabilitation are now closed fists bludgeoning flesh. A knife across your throat opens a wide, red mouth forever mute to taunts, to insults, to threats. You are nothing, empty, worthless. If only it was enough to lock you away in the deepest, darkest hole. Swallow the bitterness of my tongue. Absorb the nectar of my discharge. Feel my hatred crashing down on you like a hammer--caving in your skull, spilling to the floor all that empty rhetoric about art, betrayal, and desire. Oh, to string up your naked body like the soulless devil that you are. To stab and dismember your hanging form. Let the blood rain down and wash away this pointless shame, this unnecessary guilt, this unbearable violation. And now decorate the trees with the corpse of past transgression--adornments of vengeance, a forest of abatement, a monument to suffering. You are nothing, empty, worthless, a black hole.
Unmasked 01:58
That stained light of truth I abhor, that unflinching glimmer of experience... The world has turned its back and left me with shit. Nothing inside, only void: vacant eyes, vacant mind, vacant hope. Summon the strength. I was not wrong to be afraid. The cup of life is forever poisoned. But if all in this time lies beyond my grasp, then this one final act will be fully in my control. One brief moment, and I am freed of everything, liberated from this painful existence.
It's not my fault. I'm a victim of stolen youth, born a villain. This life impoverished, this mind untrained--where else can I turn but to violence, to the power of intimidation, to attack and abuse? Forever searching for advantage, any advantage. It's not my fault. I'm just following orders. Maintaining these sacred laws, ever obedient. Forever searching for any sign of crime, of deception. Unless crime would serve my own ends, then I attack and abuse. It's never my fault. I'm a victim of unwarranted abuse. Born to privilege, always on top, but always on guard, forever searching for any sign of threat. We are not safe.
Homme mort ne fait guerre et je suis mort.
Smoke Pigs 05:01
Please calm down with all the violent rhetoric. Some people who put on a badge are just trying to help people--just trying to do some good. My dad, mom, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, son, daughter is a cop. I don't want to hear another word about bribery. I don't want to hear about racial profiling, broken bones, or prison rape--or another unarmed kid filled from head to toe with fifty government-issued bullets. There is a fundamental flaw in your desire. There is a psychological deficiency in policing others. Those who maintain a structure of unjust laws, those who bow to the province of the few, those who would coerce others under the implicit threat of violent subjugation--your reign is at an end. When they attack in the name of the law, we will retaliate in the name of liberty.
It began as simple subversion of politics by just a handful of proactive liberals: support from the outside to petty thieves, criminal masterminds, and seething malcontents. While we re-educated ourselves in confinement, our allies began infiltrating the positions of repressive power. Many years it would take. But soon we held all the keys. And all doors were opened. The destruction of oppression birthed baptismal flames of a bright, new future. No more prisons.


This is a compilation of several splits and EPs: Malfeasance/Retribution, We Pass Like Night From Land to Land (split 12" with Leech), Thrive & Decay (split 7" with Black September), Reincarnation Prayer (split 7" with Haarp), and Baton Rouge You Have Much to Answer For.


released November 29, 2013

All of these songs were recorded in Oakland, California by James Whitten except "Black Steel," "Unmasked," and "Defeatist's Lament" which were recorded in Baton Rouge by Brennan Moss. Piano and vocals on "Defeatist's Lament" by Emily McWilliams and recorded at Loyola University by Gustave Manthey.


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Thou Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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