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lorrendale One of the most hauntingly beautiful albums ever written. I love the heavy stuff a lot but in the past year I've probably played this album a good 50 times and it still doesn't get old. Everything from the songwriting to the vocals to the lyrics are just pure perfection. Favorite track: The Hammer.
Rene (Breakforce One)
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Rene (Breakforce One) Very different material to their usual stuff, but still amazing. Fallow State is one of the more haunting pieces of music i hear in the past few years. Great! Favorite track: Fallow State.
Mike Swag
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Mike Swag Guest vocalists croon Bryan Funck's lyrics in place of his usual ravaged growls. Dial up the reverb down the crunch, and throw in some acoustic guitars. It works.

There is an overwhelming fear / a rat lying hidden in the bowels/ gnawing and gnawing in silence. Favorite track: Into the Scourge Pit.
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There is, in certain living souls, a loneliness unspeakable, so great it must be shared as company is shared by lesser beings. Such a loneliness is mine. And know by this that in Immensity there's one lonelier than you.

The second EP released in advance of the Magus full length.


released May 31, 2018

Recorded in 2018 at Hightower Studios by James Whitten. Mastered by Adam Tucker. Released on vinyl by Community Records and on compact disc by Gilead Media. Additional vocals by KC Stafford, Emily McWilliams, Melissa Guion, Nicole Estill, Jacques Boudreaux, Michael Moss, Clayton Hunt, and Dr. Scott Francioni. Violin by KC Stafford and Jacques Boudreaux.


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Thou Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: The Unspeakable Oath
Not only waves crash on the shore when the sun’s eternity warms the sand. There’s a more subtle way to know for sure because those golden rays are entombed in man. So I wish and I pray for day, but there’s no cure, and there’s no change--just a steady pouring rain, just a steady bleeding vein. So I wish and I pray for day.
Track Name: Come Home, You Are Missed
Alone in a forest pitted and rotted. Arborian pillars rising knuckled and grey, to neck-cramping heights. So much happens at once. Bark hanging like sack-cloth from sweeps of bone, like empty flesh. Branches shorn, stripped of greenery, stripped of dignity. The naked ground pestled barren. Unearthed roots strewn and dying. Privacy is priceless to me.
Track Name: The Hammer
My sense of control is now a sense of escape. Lust and impulse condemned to simple routine. Bring down the hammer, a bludgeon to my shrines. Bring down the hammer to the corpse of my worship. Comfort is the gateway to submission. What is contentment?: another word for stagnation. Bring down the hammer, a bludgeon to my shrines. Bring down the hammer to the corpse of my worship. Bring down the hammer, the shattered rent in time. Bring down the hammer to the corpse of my worship. Every single thing up to this point was a waste. Every single thing we ever built now lies in ruins. Now it is time to begin. Now it is time to truly begin.
Track Name: Behind the Mask, Another Mask
Take my throne in the reserved place, the station of shame, the object of hate. Choking secrets down, swallowing all the sound. Choking secrets down, swallowing till I drown. Oh soundless sound, oh voiceless voice--the shadow of names lies hidden in every word I've ever spoken.
Track Name: Fallow State
In the sleepless, white nights, alone in wakeful oblivion, through the cloudless black frights--I dream of you, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. We are all bent in corners darkened, by unseen burdens. Wailing through the choking thrush. There is no one left to forgive us. There’s something in my eye. You know it happens every time I think about the love that i thought would save me. I call to you, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. We are all bent in corners darkened. We all are bent by unseen burdens.
Track Name: Into the Scourge Pit
Having succumbed to youthful infirmities, carry the weight of shackles leadened. Swallow the blacked pulp of your disease, corrosive secrets that char and deaden. There is an overwhelming fear, a rat lying hidden in the bowels, gnawing and gnawing in silence. Can't even sculpt one tear. Wasted engaged with youthful conformities, bending knees to encrusted legend. Trudging into age'd pit of deformities, revealing the empty rooms and dead ends. I cant even bring myself to say your name. It takes me to a time where I’ll remain.
Track Name: Find the Cost of Freedom
Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground. Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down.

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